Professional  Experience





Project Manager, Research Institute on Leadership and Operations in Humanitarian Aid, Hamburg

Organizing 10 networking research seminars and panel talks to create exchange between scientists and industry practitioners

Building relations with NGOs to train them/conduct workshops

Presenting research to logistics managers, e.g., African Logistics Conference in Nairobi, Kenya (March 2018)











Researcher, Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg

Managing four quantitative research projects that investigate ways to improve performance, learning, & creativity under crisis:

§ Two publications in top-ranked scientific management journals

§ One paper on best practices of “Internet data collection” invited for publication at top-ranked journal of Organizational Psychology Review. One project is under data analysis

Designing four online surveys & experiments to collect hard-to-reach but high-quality organizational data from developing world

Presenting findings to scientific audience in 10 international conference/seminars in Europe and the US

Delivering two trainings for 30 NGO managers on leadership & decision-making and MSc students on refugee logistics

Teaching skill-based courses (MS Office) to bachelor students

05.2014-08.2014 Intern Analyst, Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsInstitut, Hamburg

Conducting Excel-based data analyses, statistical tests, data visualizations for three policy reports

Team Leadership Experience
09.2015- 05.2016 Coach, Der Goinger Kreis (HR Society), Lüneburg

Leading a team of 4 bachelor/master students to compile and present for HR managers a set of best practices to identify skills of refugees to enable them integrate in Germany’s labor market

01.2013- 04.2013 Consultant, Pashtany Bank, Kabul

Leading team of 5 bachelor students to reevaluate organizational structure at loan & credit departments and facilitate implementing enterprise resource planning technology software


08.2011-11.2011 Organizer, NATO Transparency Task Forces, Kabul

Coordinating 5 student-practitioner counter-corruption campaign that ended with presenting results to +100 audiences and local media on International Counter-Corruption Day