Data science 

  • Applied Regression Analysis: (Dr. von Graevenitz & Dr. Wagner)
  • Business Statistics & Econometrics (Dr. Tröster)
  • Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling With Stata (Dr. Raykov)
  • Design of Surveys and Experiments (Dr. Van Quaquebeke & Dr. Tröster)
  • Endogeneity and Instrumental Variable Estimation (Dr. Papies)
  • Managerial Statistics (Dr. Bakkaloğlu)
  • Necessary Condition Analysis (Dr. Dul)
  • Simulation and System Dynamics (Dr. Besiou & Dr. Goel)
  • Statistics I & II (Dr. Soroush)


  • Entrepreneurship (Dr. Barrot)
  • Innovation Management (Dr. Barrot)
  • Innovation & Technology Strategy (Dr. Acur)
  • Integration Project on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Dr. Becker)

Leadership and strategy

  • Analysis & Decision Support (Dr. Franklin)
  • Business Policy & Strategy (Dr. Monger)
  • General Management (Dr. den Hartigh)
  • Leadership in Organisations (Dr. Van Quaquebeke)
  • Strategy & Organisation (Dr. Hühn)
  • Time & Project Management (Dr. Acciaro)

Logistics and supply chain management

  • Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (Dr. Kovacs)
  • Operations Management (Dr. Monger)
  • Supply Chain Management (Dr. Wallenburg)

Managerial and financial accounting

  • Accounting (Dr. Himme)
  • Auditing (Dr. Lackland)
  • Cost Accounting (Dr. Monger)
  • Financial Accounting (Dr. Lackland)
  • Intermediate Accounting I & II (Dr. Monger)
  • Managerial Accounting (Dr. Lackland)


  • Financial Investment (Dr. Hook)
  • Finance & Risk (Dr. Kalhöfer)
  • Money & Banking (Dr. Asea)


  • Macroeconomics (Dr. Larson)
  • Macro-Economic Environment of the Firm (Dr. Lang)
  • Microeconomics (Dr. Larson)

Marketing and sales

  • Marketing for Profits (Dr. Pauwels)
  • Principles of Marketing (Dr. Armstrong)
  • Sales Management (Dr. Albers)
  • Services Marketing (Dr. Becker)

My professors has said nice things about me.

Professor Dr. Matthias Hühn: “Mojtaba was a student of mine in a Strategy module that was part of a Master of Science programme. He belonged to the top performers, drove debates deeper, has unusually reflected opinions, and was generally an extremely worthwhile addition to my class. Mojtaba is also an exceedingly polite person and has a polished personality.”

Professor Dr. Erik den Hartigh: “Mojtaba Salem was the top student in my MBA class MGMT500 Introduction to General Management. I was particularly impressed with his wide interest in and knowledge of the subject. The quality of his participation in the discussion and presentations elevated the quality of the entire class.”

Professor Dr. Alexander Himme “I got to know Mojtaba during my teaching assignment for Accounting at the Kühne Logistics University. He demonstrated a detailed and profound knowledge of Accounting and drove the discussion of the diverse Accounting cases we had in class. He was very committed to the topic and it was a pleasure to have him in class. I can recommend him for Accounting related job opportunities without any hesitation.”