I moderate panel discussions on topical issues that matter to our society at large:

  • Interview with Jörn Marder (Doctors without Borders), on “Logistics in Emergencies and an Ebola Project in Sierra Leone”in April 2016
  • Panel Discussion with Glen Ganz (founder of Why Not Integration) and Nilab Alokuzay (CEO of International Sustainable Impact Cooperation)  on “Hamburg’s refugee integration: Successes and challenges” in March 2019
  • Panel Discussion with Jan Prothmann and Svenja Siemonsen (portfolio managers at GFA Consulting Group), on “How does development cooperation work?” in June 2019

I also invite researchers to present their latest work at our institution and engage in networking for potential joint collaborations:

  • Torsten Biemann (Professor of Human Resources Management at University of Mannheim), on “Testing configurational theory with configuration distance analysis” in November 2018
  • Laura Turrini (Junior Professor of Operations Management at EBS Business School), on “The impact of consolidation hubs on epidemics response supply chains” in April 2019
  • Mohammad Moshtari (Assistant Professor in Supply Chain Management Tampere University of Technology), on “Social media in humanitarian operations: A theory of unintended consequences” in April 2019
  • Harwin de Vries is (Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Humanitarian Research Group at INSEAD), on “Incorporating Mobility in Healthcare Facility Location Models” in May 2019